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29 March 2022

28 February 2022

  • curprev 11:5711:57, 28 February 2022StevenBird talk contribs 1,781 bytes +1,781 Created page with "== Pronominal Prefixes: Intransitive Plural == Next, we replace the singular with the plural prefixes (we, you (pl), they). {| class="wikitable" !Nonpast!!Meaning!!Past!!Meaning!!Comment |- | '''karri'''re || we go || '''karri'''wam || we went || ''karri-'' means we (including the hearer), i.e. first-person plural inclusive |- | '''ngurri'''re || you (pl) go || '''ngurri'''wam || you (pl) went || ''ngurri-'' means you (pl), i.e. second-per..."
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