This page is about Kunwok adjectives.

  • Adjectives carry prefixes to agree with the gender of the noun, e.g. manmak manme good food, bininj nakimuk big man
  • Sometimes the choice of adjective reveals a non-default gender, e.g. manwalarr kundulk tall tree
  • We can use adjectives predicatively, in a pronoun-adjective, noun-adjective, or a pronoun-noun-adjective construction:

I'm healthy

a small tree

it's a similar place

  • Tense marker -ni can also attach to the end of the adjectival construction:

nungka keb-kimuk-ni
he nose-big-PAST
he had a big nose

Adjective Intransitive Verb Transitive Verb Definition
-bang -bangmen be cheeky/violent/toxic/poisonous, become violent/aggressive
-buk -bukmen -bukwon be dry, become dry, make dry
-kerlk -kerlkmen -kerlkwon be soft, become soft, make soft
-kerrenge -kerrengemen -kerrengewon? be new, become new, make new
-kih -kihmen -kihwon be wet, become wet, make wet
-kimuk -kimukmen -kimukwon be big, become big, make big
-kuyeng -kuyengmen -kuyengwon be long, become long, make long
-mak -makmen -makmiwon be good, become good, make good
-rayek -rayekmen -rayekwon be hard, become hard, make hard (strong, hard-working)
-walarr -walarrmen -walarrwon be tall, become tall, make tall
-warre -warremen -warrewon be bad, become bad, make bad (no good, sick)
-worrk -worrkmen -worrkmiwon to be full, to become full, to fill someone (food)
-yahwurd -yahwurdmen -yahwurdwon be small, become small, make small
-yirrek -yirrekmen? -yirrekmiwon be slippery, become slippery, make slippery (slimy, greasy)


  • ngaldjenkelk she soft-tongued one
  • ngayarlkuyengwon I'm making the string longer
  • manme nganwarrewong the food made me sick
  • kundalk kakerrngemen the grass is new (after burning)
  • kabolkkihminj the place got wet
  • kunmadj kabukmen kore kundung the clothes are drying in the sun


  • the verbs mean relative or absolute (e.g. soft, softer), use context
  • the intransitive verbs follow conjugation 11, and transitive verbs follow conjugation 3c.
  • possible other adjectives: wern many, wid wrong, mok sore, rohrok similar, barrkid different, buyika other, bele clean, bulerri dirty
  • sometimes there's an extra -mi-, such as makmiwon (not makwon).