Pronominal Prefixes I3

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Pronominal Prefixes: Intransitive Verbs 3

You might like to review what we have covered so far and make up a table for a verb in nonpast or past, for example:

Singular Plural
ngare, I go karrire, we (incl) go
yire, you (sg) go ngurrire, you (pl) go
kare, he/she/it goes kabirrire, they go

It's a good idea to master these 6 prefixes before going further. You could make flashcards, or find a bininj to practice with. You can also put these into sentences including nouns:

  • bininj kare wolehwole, the man's going this afternoon
  • karrire ngudda dja ngaye dja wurdurd, Let's all go, you, me, and the kids
  • yimankang wanjh yidolkkang, You fell then you got up

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