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Greet people

Ngudda kamak?
  • Ngudda kamak how are you? (you good?)
  • Yoh, kamak yes, good

Add Kunwok to your English

It is fine to pepper your English with Kunwok words... just drop them right in there! Ask a local to help you pronounce these words.

  1. manme food
  2. bininj man, men, person, people
  3. daluk woman, women
  4. duruk dog, dogs
  5. kunwardde money
  6. mudika truck, car
  7. wurdurd child, children
  8. kukku water
  9. bim paintings
  10. mayh animals

Note that these are all nouns, i.e. words for people, places, or things.

When you're adding Kunwok words to your English, it's best to stick to nouns.

Things to ask about

For a glimpse of the Bininj lifeworld, ask an older person to tell you about these words:

  • djang
  • mayali
  • djamun
  • kunbalak
  • daborrabolk
  • kunred
  • kunak vs manwurrk
  • duwa vs yirridjdja
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