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Pronominal Prefixes for Transitive Verbs between First and Second Person

The most common situation with a transitive verb is the "I>you" case, e.g. nan I see you, bukkan I show you, yawan I look for you. This case of the "zero prefix" appears in the top-left corner of the table.

Nonpast Gloss Translation Past Gloss Translation
nan I>you see I see you (sg, pl) kannan>me/us see you (sg) see me/us
ngundinan we>you see we see you (sg, pl) kandinan>me/us see you (pl) see me/us

We change from the zero prefix to ngundi- in the case of a plural subject, e.g. ngundibukkan we show you, ngundiyawan we look for you (bottom left).

The right side of the table concerns action in the reverse direction, from you to me, i.e. second person to first person.

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