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In order to use the various forms of a Kunwok verb, you need to know which class (or "conjugation") it is in. The table below shows the conjugation patterns of the 11 verb classes. A more completelonger list of verbs is available in the [[Table of Verbs]] is available. Below the table, you will find a guide to the grammatical terms used in the table and notes on each of the conjugation patterns.
<!-- Please keep the list in ALPHABETIC ORDER. Thank you! -->
| do'''wen''' || 2b || do'''weng''' || do'''weni''' || do'''wemen''' || do'''wemeninj''' || die, feel unwell
| bek'''kan''' || 3 3a || bek'''kang''' || bek'''kani''' || bek'''ka''' || bek'''kayinj''' || feel, hear, touch, listen
| nah'''nan''' || 3b || nah'''nang''' || nah'''nani''' || nah'''na''' || nah'''nayinj''' || look after, watch over
| ba'''won''' || 3c || ba'''wong''' || ba'''woni''' || ba'''wo''' || ba'''woyinj''' || leave, give up
| ya'''wan''' || 4a || ya'''wam''' || ya'''wani''' || ya'''wa''' || ya'''wayi(nj)''' || look for
==Conjugation Classes==
Verbs can be grouped into several classes based on their pattern of conjugation. The table above lists some Bininj Kunwok verbs and the conjugation class that the verb belongs to. Here is a summary of the groups according to their non-past endings
* '''Conjugation Group 1:''' This group ends in ''-me''
* '''Conjugation Group 2:''' This group ends in ''-ke'', ''-ye'' or ''-we(n)''
* '''Conjugation Group 9:''' This group ends in ''-re''
* '''Conjugation Group 10:''' This group ends in ''-rren''
* '''Conjugation Group 11:''' This group ends in ''-men''. Note that there is a vowel change in the past perfective. These verbs are generally derived from [[Adjectives]].
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