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The following table lists nouns that can be 'incorporated' into verbs, e.g. ''nga-bolk-nan'' I'm looking at the country, ''nga-madj-djirridjbun'' I'm washing my things, ''nga-kanj-ngun'' I'm eating meat, ''karri-kak-re'' we're walking at night.:
* ''nga-bolk-nan'' I'm looking at the country
* ''yi-bid-djirridjbun'' You're washing your hands
* ''kabirri-kanj-ngun'' They're eating meat
* ''karri-kak-re'' we're walking at night
Here's a fuller list of incorporable nouns, from Evans' grammar.
[[File:Incorporable-nouns.jpg|600px|align=center|Incorporable Nouns, from Evans (2003) Bininj Gun-wok, p333]]
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