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= '''Immersion Course in Kunwok ='''
''By Steven Bird, Charles Darwin University and Nawarddeken Academy''
== Introduction ==
[[File:Bininj kunwok.ogg|thumb|right|How to say the name of the language]]
This is the beginnings of a new course in Kunwok, designed for people who have regular contact with speakers of the language.
To date, few newcomers have got very far with learning to speak the language.
It seems more difficult to learn than Yolngu.
Some aspects of the language are so strange to a westerner, that it seems they are designed to keep us out!
However, Bininjbininj are generally enthusiastic when balanda try to learn the language, and eager to connect with newcomers who demonstrate their respect in this way.
It is remarkable to have the opportunity to glimpse the world through the eyes of Bininj.
It begins with the language, the primary way in which ideas are expressed and communicated.
Start learning to speaksome Kunwok, and it will transform your experience in this country.
=== Who this is for ===
These lessons are for westernersnewcomers who live and work in Kakadu or West Arnhem.
It will be useful to people in Gunbalanya (Kunwinjku), Jabiru (Kundjeyhmi), Maningrida (Kuninjku, Kune), the Arnhem Plateau (Kundedjnjenghmi) and Bulman and Pine Creek (Kunmayali).
The lessons assume that you come into regular contact with local Indigenous people who speak the language.
This is a course for people who are '''learning to participate''' in the life of the community.
If you find this scary you're not alone! (See the icon for our site.)
But it doesn't have to be that way... learn more about [[How to learn]].
Instead, this course will encourage you to leave your comfort zone, find a language guide,
and follow several other of our learning [[Tips]].
=== Goals ===
== Lessons ==
* [[WeekLesson 1]]
* [[WeekLesson 2]]
* [[WeekLesson 3]]
* [[WeekLesson 4]]
== Credits ==
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