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==Notes on grammatical terms==
*'''Non-past''' is the verb form to use for present tense and future tense, e.g. ''ngaborrkke'' (I dance, I am dancing, I do dance, I will dance)
*'''Irrealis''' is used when the action is unsure or a negative in the past tense, e.g. ''minj ngaborrkmeninj'' (I didn't dance, I wouldn't dance), ''yiborrkmeninj?'' (Did you dance?, Were you dancing?, Would you dance?, Would you have danced?, Were you going to dance?)
<big>'''==Conjugation Classes'''</big>==
Verbs can be grouped into several classes based on their pattern of conjugation. The table above lists some Bininj Kunwok verbs and the conjugation class that the verb belongs to. Here is a summary of the groups according to their non-past endings
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