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| -bo'''ngun'''    || -bo'''nguneng'''    || -bo'''nguni'''      || -bo'''ngu'''      || -bo'''nguyi'''        || drink
| -bo'''ngun'''    || -bo'''nguneng'''    || -bo'''nguni'''      || -bo'''ngu'''      || -bo'''nguyi'''        || drink
| -da'''ngen'''    || -da'''nginj'''      || -da'''ngeni'''      ||    -da'''ngimen''' || -da'''ngemeninj'''  || stand, live
| -'''ngun'''      || -'''nguneng'''      || -'''nguni'''      || -'''ngu'''        || -'''nguyi'''          || eat
| -'''ngun'''      || -'''nguneng'''      || -'''nguni'''      || -'''ngu'''        || -'''nguyi'''          || eat

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This page lists Kunwok verbs. For information about the various forms of the verb, please see Verb Conjugations. For verbs derived from adjectives see Adjectives.

Note that verbs sometimes incorporate nouns, e.g. bolknan (country-look, ie look around), bowurlhke (water-burn, ie boil). Sometimes, the meaning mightn't be predictable from the parts, e.g. bolkmang (country-get, ie arrive).

When the meaning of a verb is predictable from its parts, we don't bother listing it. You need to strip off the incorporated noun when looking up the verb. For example, to find the past perfective for "bolknan", look up "nan" to find "nang" then you have it: "bolknang".

Nonpast Conj Past Perfective Past Imperfective Imperative Irrealis English
-bakme 1 -bakmeng -bakmeni -bakmen -bakmeninj break (intrans)
-bakke 2 -bakkeng -bakkeni -bakkemen -bakkemeninj break (trans)
-barlke 2 -barlkeng -barlkeni -barlkemen -barlkemeninj fill
-bawon 3c -bawong -bawoni -bawo -bawoyinj leave, give up
-balewon 3c -balewong -balewoni -balewo -balewoyinj clean
-bangmen 11 -bangminj -bangmeni -bangmimen -bangmeninj become aggressive or violent
-baye 2 -bayeng -bayeni -bayemen -bayemeninj bite
-bebme 1 -bebmeng -bebmeni -bebmen -bebmeninj come out, appear, arrive
-bebke 2 -bebkeng -bebkeni -bebkemen -bebkemeninj take out, reveal
-bekkan 3a -bekkang -bekkani -bekka -bekkayinj feel, hear, touch, listen
-bengbun 4b -bengbom -bengbuni -bengbu -bengbuyinj annoy, disturb
-bengdayhke 2 -bengdayhkeng -bengdayhkeni -bengdayhkemen -bengdayhkemeninj inform, let know
-bengdi 7 -bengdi -bengdi -bengdin -bengdiwirrinj sit waiting for word, for something to happen
-bengkan 3a -bengkang -bengkani -bengka -bengkayinj think, know, understand
-bunjhmang 5c -bunjhmey -bunjhmangi -bunjhma -bunjhmayi kiss
-bidbun 4b -bidbom -bidbuni -bidbu -bidbuyinj get in, climb
-biddjibme 1 -biddjibmeng -biddjibmeni -biddjibmen -biddjibmeninj stir, mix
-bimbun 4b -bimbom -bimbuni -bimbu -bimbuyinj write, draw, paint
-birrhme 1 -birrhmeng -birrhmeni -birrhmen -birrhmeninj rake, clean, clear up
-biwke 2 -biwkeng -biwkeni -biwkemen -biwkemeninj bend
-bodahkendong 5a -bodahkendoy -bodahkendongi -bodahkendo -bodahkendoyinj fill container with liquid, refuel vehicle
-borlbme 1 -borlbmeng -borlbmeni -borlbmen -borlbmeninj learn, become familiar with
-borledme 1 -borledmeng -borledmeni -borledmen -borledmeninj turn/go around (intrans)
-borledke 2 -borledkeng -borledkeni -borledkemen -borledkemeninj turn/go around (trans)
-borrkke 2 -borrkkeng -borrkkeni -borrkkemen -borrkkemeninj dance
-bowe 2 -boweng -boweni -bowemen -bowemeninj tip liquid out
-buhme 1 -buhmeng -buhmeni -buhmen -buhmeninj blow
-bukirribun 4b -bukirribom -bukirribuni -bukirribu -bukirribuyinj dream
-bukkan 3a -bukkang -bukkani -bukka -bukkayinj teach, show
-bun 4b -bom -buni -bu -buyinj hit, kill
-burrbun 4b -burrbom -burrbuni -burrbu -burrbuyinj know, understand, think
-burren 10 -burrinj -burreni -burremen -burremeninj fight (reflexive of "bun")
-burrknan 3b -burrknang -burrknani -burrkna -burrknayinj recognise
-dadjke 2 -dadjkeng -dadjkeni -dadjkemen -dadjkemeninj cut, chop
-dadjme 1 -dadjmeng -dadjmeni -dadjmen -dadjmeninj cease
-dahkendong 5a -dahkendoy -dahkendongi -dahkendo -dahkendoyinj put in container
-dalehmen 11 -dalehminj -dalehmeni -dalehmimen -dalehmeninj dry up, get dry (esp of country)
-dangbalhme 1 -dangbalhmeng -dangbalhmeni -dangbalhmen -dangbalhmeninj close
-dangwerren 10 -dangwerrinj -dangwerreni -dangwerremen -dangwerremeninj argue with each other
-dedjdong 5a -dedjdoy -dedjdongi -dedjdo -dedjdoyinj copulate (vulg.) pron dedjong
-derrehme 1 -derrehmeng -derrehmeni -derrehmen -derrehmeninj move closer
-derrehke 2 -derrehkeng -derrehkeni -derrehkemen -derrehkemeninj shift along, move over (trans)
-di 7 -di -di -din -diwirrinj be, be standing
-dirri 7 -dirri -dirri -dirrin -dirriwirrinj play
-dilebun 4b -dilebom -dilebuni -dilebu -dilebuyinj urinate
-djakdung 5a -djakduy -djakdungi -djakdu -djakduyinj rain
-djangkan 3a -djangkang -djangkani -djangka -djangkayinj go hunting
-djarrngbun 4b -djarrngbom -djarrngbuni -djarrngbu -djarrngbuyinj choose
-djihbun 4b -djihbom -djihbuni -djihbu -djihbuyinj sneeze
-djirdmang 5c -djirdmey -djirdmangi -djirdma -djirdmayi steal
-djobke 2 -djobkeng -djobkeni -djobkemen -djobkemeninj cut, slice
-djongburren 10 -djongburrinj -djongburreni -djongburremen -djongburremeninj get dressed
-djordmen 11 -djordminj -djordmeni -djordmimen -djordmeninj grow up (living being), mature
-djorndong 5a -djorndoy -djorndongi -djorndo -djorndoyinj pound
-djowkke 2 -djowkkeng -djowkkeni -djowkkemen -djowkkemeninj cross over
-djuhke 2 -djuhkeng -djuhkeni -djuhkemen -djuhkemeninj splash (trans)
-djurrkmang 5c -djurrkmey -djurrkmangi -djurrkma -djurrkmayi pull
-djurrkwon 3c -djurrkwong -djurrkwoni -djurrkwo -djurrkwoyinj get excited, be enthusiastic
-dokme 1 -dokmeng -dokmeni -dokmen -dokmeninj set off, get going
-dolkkan 3a -dolkkang -dolkkani -dolkka -dolkkayinj stand up
-dombun 4b -dombom -dombuni -dombu -dombuyinj extinguish
-dong 5a -doy -dongi -do -doyinj strike
-dowen 2 -doweng -doweni -dowemen -dowemeninj die, feel unwell
-dudje 2 -dudjeng -dudjeni -dudjemen -dudjemeninj plant, bury
-dukkan 3a -dukkang -dukkani -dukka -dukkayinj tie up
-dulubun 4b -dulubom -dulubuni -dulubu -dulubuyinj shoot, pierce
-dung 5a -duy -dungi -du -duyinj swear at
-durndeng 5b -durndi -durndengi -durnde -durndeyi(nj) return
-durren 10 -durrinj -durreni -durremen -durremeninj abuse or curse each other (reflexive of "dung")
-durrkmirri 7 -durrkmirri -durrkmirri -durrkmirrin -durrkmirriwirrinj work
-kabun 4b -kabom -kabuni -kabu -kabuyinj nurse
-kadjung 5a -kadjuy -kadjungi -kadju -kadjuyinj follow
-kalikan 3a -kalikang -kalikani -kalika -kalikayinj have sex with
-kan 3a -kang -kani -ka -kayinj take, carry along
-kardmang 5c -kardmey -kardmangi -kardma -kardmayi catch fish (with hook)
-karemen 11 -kareminj -karemeni -karemimen -karemeninj become old
-karrme 1 -karrmeng -karrmeni -karrmen -karrmeninj have, hold, keep, touch
-karung 5a -karuy -karungi -karu -karuyinj dig
-kayhme 1 -kayhmeng -kayhmeni -kayhmen -kayhmeninj yell, call out
-kelemen 11 -keleminj -kelemeni -kelemimen -kelemeninj be afraid
-kimukmen 11 -kimukminj -kimukmeni -kimukmimen -kimukmeninj get big
-kinje 2 -kinjeng -kinjeni -kinjemen -kinjemeninj cook
-kodjdjobke 2 -kodjdjobkeng -kodjdjobkeni -kodjdjobkemen -kodjdjobkemeninj sulk
-kolung 5a -koluy -kolungi -kolu -koluyinj go down
-kongibun 4b -kongibom -kongibuni -kongibu -kongibuyinj feel compassion for
-kurrme 1 -kurrmeng -kurrmeni -kurrmen -kurrmeninj put, place
-kurren 10 -kurrinj -kurreni -kurremen -kurremeninj deceive, trick
-ladmen 11 -ladminj -ladmeni -ladmimen -ladmeninj become hot
-lobme 1 -lobmeng -lobmeni -lobmen -lobmeninj run, drive, function
-lirrhmerren 10 -lirrhmerrinj -lirrhmerreni -lirrhmerremen -lirrhmerremeninj scratch oneself
-madbun 4b -madbom -madbuni -madbu -madbuyinj wait
-makmen 11 -makminj -makmeni -makmimen -makmeninj become good
-mang 5c -mey -mangi -ma -mayi take, get
-mankan 3a -mankang -mankani -manka -mankayinj fall
-marnbun 4b -marnbom -marnbuni -marnbu -marnbuyinj make, repair, heal, prepare
-marrhmang 5c -marrhmey -marrhmangi -marrhma -marrhmayi open
-mayahme 1 -mayahmeng -mayahmeni -mayahmen -mayahmeninj be lost
-nahnan 3b -nahnang -nahnani -nahna -nahnayinj look after, watch over
-nalkbun 4b -nalkbom -nalkbuni -nalkbu -nalkbuyinj cry
-nan 3b -nang -nani -na -nayinj see
-ngalke 2 -ngalkeng -ngalkeni -ngalkemen -ngalkemeninj find
-ngeybun 4b -ngeybom -ngeybuni -ngeybu -ngeybuyinj to be named
-ngimen 11 -ngiminj -ngimeni -ngimimen -ngimeninj go inside
-ngukdeng 5b -ngukdi -ngukdengi -ngukde -ngukdeyi(nj) defecate
-ni 7 -ni -ni -nin -niwirrinj be, be sitting
-njokme 1 -njokmeng -njokmeni -njokmen -njokmeninj bark
-njudme 1 -njudmeng -njudmeni -njudmen -njudmeninj blow nose
-rawon 3c -rawong -rawoni -rawo -rawoyinj combine, mix, add
-rohrokme 1 -rohrokmeng -rohrokmeni -rohrokmen -rohrokmeninj try, attempt
-rung 5a -ruy -rungi -ru -ruyinj burn
-wakbun 4b -wakbom -wakbuni -wakbu -wakbuyinj go around
-wake 2 -wakeng -wakeni -wakemen -wakemeninj crawl
-wakwan 4a -wakwam -wakwani -wakwa -wakwayi(nj) not know
-warlbun 4b -warlbom -warlbuni -warlbu -warlbuyinj hunt
-warlkkan 3a -warlkkang -warlkkani -warlkka -warlkkayinj hide
-warrke 2 -warrkeng -warrkeni -warrkemen -warrkemeninj drop, lose
-warremen 11 -warreminj -warremeni -warremimen -warremeninj go bad
-warrewon 3c -warrewong -warrewoni -warrewo -warrewoyinj ruin, wrong, spoil (trans)
-wayhke 2 -wayhkeng -wayhkeni -wayhkemen -wayhkemeninj lift
-wayini 7 -wayini -wayini -wayinin -wayiniwirrinj sing
-we 2 -weng -weni -wemen -wemeninj throw
-widnan 3b -widnang -widnani -widna -widnayinj dislike
-woknan 3b -woknang -woknani -wokna -woknayinj -call out, leavetake
-wolngwon 3c -wolngwong -wolngwoni -wolngwo -wolngwoyinj warm, heat up (trans)
-won 3c -wong -woni -wo -woyinj give
-worrkmen 11 -worrkminj -worrkmeni -worrkmimen -worrkmeninj be full of food
-wungme 1 -wungmeng -wungmeni -wungmen -wungmeninj smoke
-wurlebme 1 -wurlebmeng -wurlebmeni -wurlebmen -wurlebmeninj swim, go into water, bathe, shower
-wurlebke 2 -wurlebkeng -wurlebkeni -wurlebkemen -wurlebkemeninj put under water
-wurlhke 2 -wurlhkeng -wurlhkeni -wurlhkemen -wurlhkemeninj burn, heat
-yakbun 4b -yakbom -yakbuni -yakbu -yakbuyinj empty out
-yawan 4a -yawam -yawani -yawa -yawayi(nj) look for
-yame 1 -yameng -yameni -yamen -yameninj spear
-yakmen 11 -yakminj -yakmeni -yakmimen -yakmeninj finish, run out
-yayme 1 -yaymeng -yaymeni -yaymen -yaymeninj be itchy
-yerrke 2 -yerrkeng -yerrkeni -yerrkemen -yerrkemeninj pull
-yerrkan 3a -yerrkang -yerrkani -yerrka -yerrkayinj sit
-yiddung 5a -yidduy -yiddungi -yiddu -yidduyinj get angry
-yime 1 -yimeng -yimeni -yimen -yimeninj say, do, call, act
-yolyolme 1 -yolyolmeng -yolyolmeni -yolyolmen -yolyolmeninj tell story, relate news

Irregular Verbs

Nonpast Past Perfective Past Imperfective Imperative Irrealis English
-dangen -danginj -dangeni -dangimen -dangemeninj stand
-balhngun -balhnguneng -balhnguni -balhngu -balhnguyi copulate (vulg.)
-bengmiddan -bengmiddanj -bengmiddangeni -bengmiddangimen -bengmiddangemeninj forget
-bongun -bonguneng -bonguni -bongu -bonguyi drink
-dangen -danginj -dangeni -dangimen -dangemeninj stand, live
-ngun -nguneng -nguni -ngu -nguyi eat
-re -wam -rayi -ray -rayinj go
-waydan -waydi -waydanj -wayda -waydangemeninj be raised
-wokdi -wokdanj -wokdi -wokdin -wokdiwirrinj talk, speak
-yimerran -yimerranj -yimerrangeni -yimerrangimen -yimerrangemeninj become, turn into
-yo -yoy -yoy -yun -yuwirrinj lie