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| derreh'''me'''  || 1  || derreh'''meng'''    || derreh'''meni'''  || derreh'''men'''  || derreh'''meninj'''  || move closer
| derreh'''me'''  || 1  || derreh'''meng'''    || derreh'''meni'''  || derreh'''men'''  || derreh'''meninj'''  || move closer
| derreh'''ke'''  || 2 || derreh'''keng'''    || derreh'''keni'''  || derreh'''kemen''' || derreh'''kemeninj'''  || shift along, move over (trans)
| '''di'''        || 7 || '''di'''            || '''di'''          || '''din'''        || '''diwirrinj'''      || be, be standing
| '''di'''        || 7 || '''di'''            || '''di'''          || '''din'''        || '''diwirrinj'''      || be, be standing
| di'''rri'''      || 7 || di'''rri'''        || di'''rri'''      || di'''rrin'''      || di'''rriwirrinj'''  || play
| di'''rri'''      || 7 || di'''rri'''        || di'''rri'''      || di'''rrin'''      || di'''rriwirrinj'''  || play
| derreh'''ke'''  || 2 || derreh'''keng'''    || derreh'''keni'''  || derreh'''kemen''' || derreh'''kemeninj'''  || shift along, move over (trans)
| dile'''bun'''    || 4b || dile'''bom'''      || dile'''buni'''    || dile'''bu'''      || dile'''buyinj'''    || urinate
| dile'''bun'''    || 4b || dile'''bom'''      || dile'''buni'''    || dile'''bu'''      || dile'''buyinj'''    || urinate
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| djarrng'''bun''' || 4b || djarrng'''bom'''    || djarrng'''buni''' || djarrng'''bu'''  || djarrng'''buyinj'''  || choose
| djarrng'''bun''' || 4b || djarrng'''bom'''    || djarrng'''buni''' || djarrng'''bu'''  || djarrng'''buyinj'''  || choose
| djih'''bun'''    || 4b || djih'''bom'''      || djih'''buni'''    || djih'''bu'''      || djih'''buyinj'''    || sneeze
| djird'''mang'''  || 5c || djird'''mey'''      || djird'''mangi'''  || djird'''ma'''    || djird'''mayi'''      || steal
| djird'''mang'''  || 5c || djird'''mey'''      || djird'''mangi'''  || djird'''ma'''    || djird'''mayi'''      || steal

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This page lists Kunwok verbs. For information about the various forms of the verb, please see Verb Conjugations. Note that verbs sometimes incorporate nouns, e.g. bolknan (country-look, ie look around), bowurlhke (water-burn, ie boil). Sometimes, the meaning mightn't be predictable from the parts, e.g. bolkmang (country-get, ie arrive).

When the meaning of a verb is predictable from its parts, we don't bother listing it. You need to strip off the incorporated noun when looking up the verb. For example, to find the past perfective for "bolknan", look up "nan" to find "nang" then you have it: "bolknang".

Nonpast Conj Past Perfective Past Imperfective Imperative Irrealis English
bakme 1 bakmeng bakmeni bakmen bakmeninj break (intrans)
bakke 2 bakkeng bakkeni bakkemen bakkemeninj break (trans)
barlke 2 barlkeng barlkeni barlkemen barlkemeninj fill
bawon 3c bawong bawoni bawo bawoyinj leave, give up
balewon 3c balewong balewoni balewo balewoyinj clean
bangmen 11 bangminj bangmeni bangmimen bangmeninj become aggressive or violent
baye 2 bayeng bayeni bayemen bayemeninj bite
bebme 1 bebmeng bebmeni bebmen bebmeninj come out, appear, arrive
bebke 2 bebkeng bebkeni bebkemen bebkemeninj take out, reveal
bekkan 3a bekkang bekkani bekka bekkayinj feel, hear, touch, listen
bengbun 4b bengbom bengbuni bengbu bengbuyinj annoy, disturb
bengdayhke 2 bengdayhkeng bengdayhkeni bengdayhkemen bengdayhkemeninj inform, let know
bengdi 7 bengdi bengdi bengdin bengdiwirrinj sit waiting for word, for something to happen
bengkan 3a bengkang bengkani bengka bengkayinj think, know, understand
bunjhmang 5c bunjhmey bunjhmangi bunjhma bunjhmayi kiss
bidbun 4b bidbom bidbuni bidbu bidbuyinj get in, climb
biddjibme 1 biddjibmeng biddjibmeni biddjibmen biddjibmeninj stir, mix
bimbun 4b bimbom bimbuni bimbu bimbuyinj write, draw, paint
birrhme 1 birrhmeng birrhmeni birrhmen birrhmeninj rake, clean, clear up
biwke 2 biwkeng biwkeni biwkemen biwkemeninj bend
bodahkendong 5a bodahkendoy bodahkendongi bodahkendo bodahkendoyinj fill container with liquid, refuel vehicle
borlbme 1 borlbmeng borlbmeni borlbmen borlbmeninj learn, become familiar with
borledme 1 borledmeng borledmeni borledmen borledmeninj turn/go around (intrans)
borledke 2 borledkeng borledkeni borledkemen borledkemeninj turn/go around (trans)
borrkke 2 borrkkeng borrkkeni borrkkemen borrkkemeninj dance
bowe 2 boweng boweni bowemen bowemeninj tip liquid out
buhme 1 buhmeng buhmeni buhmen buhmeninj blow
bukirribun 4b bukirribom bukirribuni bukirribu bukirribuyinj dream
bukkan 3a bukkang bukkani bukka bukkayinj teach, show
bun 4b bom buni bu buyinj hit, kill
burrbun 4b burrbom burrbuni burrbu burrbuyinj know, understand, think
burren 10 burrinj burreni burremen burremeninj fight (reflexive of "bun")
burrknan 3b burrknang burrknani burrkna burrknayinj recognise
dadjke 2 dadjkeng dadjkeni dadjkemen dadjkemeninj cut, chop
dadjme 1 dadjmeng dadjmeni dadjmen dadjmeninj cease
dahkendong 5a dahkendoy dahkendongi dahkendo dahkendoyinj put in container
dalehmen 11 dalehminj dalehmeni dalehmimen dalehmeninj dry up, get dry (esp of country)
dangbalhme 1 dangbalhmeng dangbalhmeni dangbalhmen dangbalhmeninj close
dangmarrhmang 5c dangmarrhmey dangmarrhmangi dangmarrhma dangmarrhmayi open
dangwerren 10 dangwerrinj dangwerreni dangwerremen dangwerremeninj argue with each other
dedjdong 5a dedjdoy dedjdongi dedjdo dedjdoyinj copulate (vulg.) pron dedjong
derrehme 1 derrehmeng derrehmeni derrehmen derrehmeninj move closer
derrehke 2 derrehkeng derrehkeni derrehkemen derrehkemeninj shift along, move over (trans)
di 7 di di din diwirrinj be, be standing
dirri 7 dirri dirri dirrin dirriwirrinj play
dilebun 4b dilebom dilebuni dilebu dilebuyinj urinate
djakdung 5a djakduy djakdungi djakdu djakduyinj rain
djangkan 3a djangkang djangkani djangka djangkayinj go hunting
djarrngbun 4b djarrngbom djarrngbuni djarrngbu djarrngbuyinj choose
djihbun 4b djihbom djihbuni djihbu djihbuyinj sneeze
djirdmang 5c djirdmey djirdmangi djirdma djirdmayi steal
djobke 2 djobkeng djobkeni djobkemen djobkemeninj cut, slice
djongburren 10 djongburrinj djongburreni djongburremen djongburremeninj get dressed
djordmen 11 djordminj djordmeni djordmimen djordmeninj grow up (living being), mature
djorndong 5a djorndoy djorndongi djorndo djorndoyinj pound
djowkke 2 djowkkeng djowkkeni djowkkemen djowkkemeninj cross over
djuhke 2 djuhkeng djuhkeni djuhkemen djuhkemeninj splash (trans)
djurrkmang 5c djurrkmey djurrkmangi djurrkma djurrkmayi pull
djurrkwon 3c djurrkwong djurrkwoni djurrkwo djurrkwoyinj get excited, be enthusiastic
dokme 1 dokmeng dokmeni dokmen dokmeninj set off, get going
dolkkan 3a dolkkang dolkkani dolkka dolkkayinj stand up
dombun 4b dombom dombuni dombu dombuyinj extinguish
dong 5a doy dongi do doyinj strike
dowen 2 doweng doweni dowemen dowemeninj die, feel unwell
dudje 2 dudjeng dudjeni dudjemen dudjemeninj plant, bury
dukkan 3a dukkang dukkani dukka dukkayinj tie up
dulubun 4b dulubom dulubuni dulubu dulubuyinj shoot, pierce
dung 5a duy dungi du duyinj swear at
durndeng 5b durndi durndengi durnde durndeyi(nj) return
durren 10 durrinj durreni durremen durremeninj abuse or curse each other (reflexive of "dung")
durrkmirri 7 durrkmirri durrkmirri durrkmirrin durrkmirriwirrinj work
kabun 4b kabom kabuni kabu kabuyinj nurse
kadjung 5a kadjuy kadjungi kadju kadjuyinj follow
kan 3a kang kani ka kayinj take, carry along
kardmang 5c kardmey kardmangi kardma kardmayi catch fish (with hook)
karemen 11 kareminj karemeni karemimen karemeninj become old
karrme 1 karrmeng karrmeni karrmen karrmeninj have, hold, keep, touch
karung 5a karuy karungi karu karuyinj dig
kelemen 11 keleminj kelemeni kelemimen kelemeninj be afraid
kimukmen 11 kimukminj kimukmeni kimukmimen kimukmeninj get big
kinje 2 kinjeng kinjeni kinjemen kinjemeninj cook
kodjdjobke 2 kodjdjobkeng kodjdjobkeni kodjdjobkemen kodjdjobkemeninj sulk
kolung 5a koluy kolungi kolu koluyinj go down
kongibun 4b kongibom kongibuni kongibu kongibuyinj feel compassion for
kurrme 1 kurrmeng kurrmeni kurrmen kurrmeninj put, place
kurren 10 kurrinj kurreni kurremen kurremeninj deceive, trick
ladmen 11 ladminj ladmeni ladmimen ladmeninj become hot
lobme 1 lobmeng lobmeni lobmen lobmeninj run, drive, function
lirrhmerren 10 lirrhmerrinj lirrhmerreni lirrhmerremen lirrhmerremeninj scratch oneself
madbun 4b madbom madbuni madbu madbuyinj wait
makmen 11 makminj makmeni makmimen makmeninj become good
mang 5c mey mangi ma mayi take, get
mankan 3a mankang mankani manka mankayinj fall
marnbun 4b marnbom marnbuni marnbu marnbuyinj make, repair, heal, prepare
nahnan 3b nahnang nahnani nahna nahnayinj look after, watch over
nalkbun 4b nalkbom nalkbuni nalkbu nalkbuyinj cry
nan 3b nang nani na nayinj see
ngalke 2 ngalkeng ngalkeni ngalkemen ngalkemeninj find
ngeybun 4b ngeybom ngeybuni ngeybu ngeybuyinj to be named
ngimen 11 ngiminj ngimeni ngimimen ngimeninj go inside
ngukdeng 5b ngukdi ngukdengi ngukde ngukdeyi(nj) defecate
ni 7 ni ni nin niwirrinj be, be sitting
njudme 1 njudmeng njudmeni njudmen njudmeninj blow nose
rawon 3c rawong rawoni rawo rawoyinj combine, mix, add
rohrokme 1 rohrokmeng rohrokmeni rohrokmen rohrokmeninj try, attempt
rung 5a ruy rungi ru ruyinj burn
wakbun 4b wakbom wakbuni wakbu wakbuyinj go around
wake 2 wakeng wakeni wakemen wakemeninj crawl
wakwan 4a wakwam wakwani wakwa wakwayi(nj) not know
warlbun 4b warlbom warlbuni warlbu warlbuyinj hunt
warlkkan 3a warlkkang warlkkani warlkka warlkkayinj hide
warrke 2 warrkeng warrkeni warrkemen warrkemeninj drop, lose
warremen 11 warreminj warremeni warremimen warremeninj go bad
warrewon 3c warrewong warrewoni warrewo warrewoyinj ruin, wrong, spoil (trans)
wayhke 2 wayhkeng wayhkeni wayhkemen wayhkemeninj lift
wayini 7 wayini wayini wayinin wayiniwirrinj sing
we 2 weng weni wemen wemeninj throw
widnan 3b widnang widnani widna widnayinj dislike
woknan 3b woknang woknani wokna woknayinj call out, leave-take
won 3c wong woni wo woyinj give
worrkmen 11 worrkminj worrkmeni worrkmimen worrkmeninj be full of food
wungme 1 wungmeng wungmeni wungmen wungmeninj smoke
wurlebme 1 wurlebmeng wurlebmeni wurlebmen wurlebmeninj swim, go into water, bathe, shower
wurlebke 2 wurlebkeng wurlebkeni wurlebkemen wurlebkemeninj put under water
wurlhke 2 wurlhkeng wurlhkeni wurlhkemen wurlhkemeninj burn, heat
yakbun 4b yakbom yakbuni yakbu yakbuyinj empty out
yawan 4a yawam yawani yawa yawayi(nj) look for
yame 1 yameng yameni yamen yameninj spear
yakmen 11 yakminj yakmeni yakmimen yakmeninj finish, run out
yayme 1 yaymeng yaymeni yaymen yaymeninj be itchy
yerrke 2 yerrkeng yerrkeni yerrkemen yerrkemeninj pull
yerrkan 3a yerrkang yerrkani yerrka yerrkayinj sit
yiddung 5a yidduy yiddungi yiddu yidduyinj get angry
yime 1 yimeng yimeni yimen yimeninj say, do, call, act
yolyolme 1 yolyolmeng yolyolmeni yolyolmen yolyolmeninj tell story, relate news

Irregular Verbs

Nonpast Past Perfective Past Imperfective Imperative Irrealis English
dangen danginj dangeni dangimen dangemeninj stand
balhngun balhnguneng balhnguni balhngu balhnguyi copulate (vulg.)
bengmiddan bengmiddanj bengmiddangeni bengmiddangimen bengmiddangemeninj forget
bongun bonguneng bonguni bongu bonguyi drink
ngun nguneng nguni ngu nguyi eat
re wam rayi ray rayinj go
waydan waydi waydanj wayda waydangemeninj be raised
wokdi wokdanj wokdi wokdin wokdiwirrinj talk, speak
yimerran yimerranj yimerrangeni yimerrangimen yimerrangemeninj become, turn into
yo yoy yoy yun yuwirrinj lie