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Notes: voicing..., breaking words into syllables (so you know how to say, e.g. kukak), international phonetic alphabet (special sounds are linked to more info) Wikipedia:IPA vowel chart with audio

Kunwok IPA Example Comments
a ɑ mah (ok) father
b b bobo (bye) baby
d d daluk (woman) d as in dog
dj ɟ djedje (woman's child) j as in jam (but with tongue body against hard palate)
rd ɖ wurdurd (child) like d but with tongue tip curled back
e ɛ kunkeb (nose) e as in pet
e æ bebmeng (arrived) a as in cat (before ng)
h ʔ yoh (yes) glottal stop, like tt in bottle in some English dialects
i i bininj (man) e as in beet (but with the tongue body pushed up)
k k daluk (woman) k but with no aspiration (at end of syllable)
k g kured (camp) g as in game (at start of syllable)
l l delek (white clay) l as in long
rl ɭ berluh (aunty) like l but with tongue tip curled back
m m
n n
ng ŋ
nj ɲ
rn ɳ
o o
r ɻ
rr ɾ or r
u ʊ
w w
y j