Pronominal Prefixes

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Please see also the guidance on learning the pronominal prefixes.

Simplified chart

Table of pronominal prefixes omitting dual forms (x=exclusive), Steven Bird

Complete chart

Table of pronominal prefixes, from Evans (2003) Bininj Gun-wok p434


1=first person, I; 2=second person, you; 3=third person, he/she/it;

m=minimal, ua=unit augmented, a=augmented. sg=singular, du=dual, pl=plural.

1m=I, 1ua=I+1 (I and one more, excluding hearer), 1a=we (excluding hearer).

12m=I+you, 12ua=I+you+1 (I and you and one more) 12a=we (including hearer).

2m=you, 2ua=you+1, 2a=you all

3m=he/she/it, 3ua=he/she/it+1, 3a=they

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