Pronominal Prefixes

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Please see also the guidance on learning the pronominal prefixes.

Simplified chart

Table of pronominal prefixes omitting dual forms, Steven Bird

Complete chart

Table of pronominal prefixes, from Evans (2003) Bininj Gun-wok p434


1=first person, I; 2=second person, you; 3=third person, he/she/it;

m=minimal, ua=unit augmented, a=augmented. sg=singular, du=dual, pl=plural.

1m=I, 1ua=I+1 (I and one more, excluding hearer), 1a=we (excluding hearer).

12m=I+you, 12ua=I+you+1 (I and you and one more) 12a=we (including hearer).

2m=you, 2ua=you+1, 2a=you all

3m=he/she/it, 3ua=he/she/it+1, 3a=they

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