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Karriwokdi Kunwok!

Let's speak Kunwok!

This site contains free materials for learning to speak Kunwinjku, the main dialect of Kunwok that is spoken in Gunbalanya. Closely related dialects are spoken in Jabiru and Maningrida, and further south in Bulman and Pine Creek. These materials have been created by learners for learners, especially learners who come into regular contact with Bininj, the speakers of Kunwok.

Kakadu and West Arnhem Language Map, featuring the six dialects of Kunwok (purple)

Vocabulary: Nouns | Verbs | Adjectives | Pronominal Prefixes

Reference: Phrasebook | Skin Names | Kinship | Pronunciation | Resources

Grammar: Conjugations | Noun Incorporation | Negation | Constructions | Transitivity


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  • The head image is from a painting by Gavin Namarnyilk, used with permission.
  • This work has been supported by Charles Darwin University, Warddeken Land Management, the Australian Research Council, and the Department of Communication and the Arts
  • The materials on this site have been compiled by Steven Bird with contributions from Alexandra Marley.