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How to say the name of the language

This is the beginnings of a new course in Bininj Kunwok.

Who this is for

These lessons are for westerners who live and work in Kakadu or West Arnhem. It will be useful to people in Gunbalanya (Kunwinjku), Jabiru (Kundjeyhmi), Maningrida (Kuninjku, Kune), the Arnhem Plateau (Kundedjnjenghmi) and Bulman and Pine Creek (Kunmayali).

The lessons assume that you come into regular contact with local Indigenous people who speak the language. This is a course for people who are learning to participate in the life of the community.


It's good you're learning Kunwok!

The goal of the course is to help you to hold basic conversations in Kunwok. It will help you learn how to convert daily interactions into opportunities for language learning. Over time you'll deepen your knowledge and respect for the culture, while becoming more comfortable spending time with locals. Bininj are glad when people try to learn the language.

How to use these materials

This course is not intended for private study! Print a lesson or view it on your phone, and go and sit with locals.

NB These materials are in active development and feedback is invited (email StevenBird).

Join us!

We're running a 10 week course starting mid-August and running til mid-December (with breaks), for people based in Kakadu or West Arnhem. To join us please complete the enrolment form or use the linked PDF version: File:EnrolmentForm.pdf.

We are running a closed online discussion forum at (ask to join or email


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